Hi, call me Kat! I’ve lived my whole life in various cities of the midwest. I’m inspired by the hard-working, perennially-optimistic, evergreen people of this region. My absolute passion is helping small businesses (especially local ones) get the creative work they deserve but can’t necessarily afford from an agency. I offer special deals and sessions for local startups and small companies, I believe strongly in supporting midwest businesses such as myself!

My background is in design, specifically ‘interactive’ design (ask about it if you want to nerd out with me for a bit). I spend most of my days applying a design approach to photography sets. I specialize in flatlay photography and work almost exclusively in this style when I have camera in hand.

In my free-time I collect comics, cook creatively, and am completely obsessed with my two pets Pancake and Bruce Wayne (I’ll let you imagine what kind of animals they are).

No project is too big or too small, let's get a coffee date. I know a few good donut shops, too, if you're into that kind of thing...

E: kat@midwestkat.com

P: 651.380.3375

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Photo by:  Grant Lillvis

Photo by: Grant Lillvis

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